Learn Spanish: 3 online tests to check your Spanish level.

Knowing your Spanish level is extremely important as it will help you to decide more accurately on what Spanish graded books you should read, what exercise you should practice and more importantly, what difficulties are ok for you to face and which ones are too hard or too easy.

Knowing your level is the most important step to go towards your goal: improving your Spanish.

So let's take a look at three online tests that you can easily take and get a quick answer to the question of what your Spanish level is.

1- Level test from Instituto Cervantes 

This is one of the best tests online that we've found. It is very complete and it gives you a really good idea regarding your Spanish level. It includes a grammar test (30 questions), a reading comprehension test and a listening comprehension test.

The levels shown at the end of the test correspond to the courses' levels Instituto Cervantes offers. These levels are based on the Common European Framework of References for Languages which is what guides every (serious) language course; it specifies what content should be taught and learned by teachers and students around the world. You can check what skills you are supposed to have according to each level HERE and check out the test HERE.

2- Level test from Oxford House Barcelona

This level test asks you 50 questions and decides based on your answer whether you belong to a basic, intermediate or advanced level; it is also based on the Common European Framework of References for Languages. The only con we found about this test is that you have to provide your e-mail address to get the results and corrections. But it is a small price to pay for a quick test to know your level...Check it out HERE.

3- Level test from Cervantes- Escuela Internacional

The good thing about this test is that if you are a basic level or a pre-intermediate level, you don't have to answer a lot of questions way out of your range. You start on the A1 level and as you answer correctly a percentage of the questions, you are allowed or not to continue with the next levels. This means that if you are a basic student, you stop answering at A1 or A2 level and get your results right away. The bad thing is that if you know you are a B2 or C1 level student, you'll have to go through the basic and intermediate levels before being able to answer more advanced questions. But, again, it is free and gives you the results of your test as soon as you finish answering. Click HERE to take the test.

These are some of the tests you can find online; there are many of them, these are just options. But what you do have to remember is that no online test can replace a face to face test. As teachers we are, we know sometimes an online test can give you an idea of the student-to-be level; however, oral tests are paramount in deciding what actual level you are. Therefore, these online tests just indicate what level you may be but they do not replace a personal interview with a certified examiner.

Once you know where you are standing on your Spanish learning curve, the next step is reading in Spanish :-)

Choose your level, choose your graded book and start practicing Spanish! Read in Spanish. Read Delearte.


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